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Build a career with FPG Insurance and be part of a team that creates dynamic, customer-focused insurance solutions. As leaders in general insurance in Indonesia, our focus is on commitment and innovation across solutions for our clients, partners, shareholders and employees alike. This focus results in the creation of an environment in which innovation, ideas and empowerment is unreservedly encouraged. Supporting our clear direction for service quality and advancement that recognises the combined contribution of the entire FPG Insurance team. The FPG Insurance environment, coupled with our work ethic and superior benefits, creates exciting employment opportunities, aligned with our sustained strategy for success. Committed to a comprehensive program of professional development and personal growth, the entire FPG Insurance team receives recognition with appropriate incentives and career development, from a true leader.

Our Board of Directors

Trust and transparency are important pillars of our business.

FPG Insurance has an effective governance structure comprised of our Board of Directors, Management Team, and internal units. This structure establishes checks and balances and is designed to provide added assurance to our customers and shareholders. The Board is a policy making body that works to ensure effective collaboration throughout the FPG organization.

Our Board of Directors

Our Management Team deals with the strategic, financial and business policy issues that impact the organization as a whole.

Our People

There’s never been a better time to be part of the FPG Insurance family. Our team can attest to working in a dynamic company that recognizes and rewards dedication, creativity and initiative.

Our Social Commitment

FPG Insurance regards responsible corporate citizenship as part and parcel of good business practice. We strive to make a difference in communities by supporting local and national causes. We recognize the need to contribute to sustainable development and shape a better future for our company and our country.


Be the trusted insurer of choice focused on bringing positive and digitally-enabled client experience.


Our commitment is to bring insurance protection and peace of mind to our clients.



Firm adherence to a code of ethics, morals, and honor.


High regard for feelings, beliefs, and differences of others.


Willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.


Mental and moral strength to come forward, speak up, and go against the current.


Will to do what it takes to deliver and get the job done.

Motor Unit Head


As a profit center, he/she shall be responsible in assisting the department head in growing the top line and bottom line of the unit.

He/she must still ensure that all submissions are underwritten properly and accepted in accordance with the FPG’s Guidelines and department head’s memos.


Within the underwriting authority and standards set with the Department and Division Heads, the job holder is fully accountable for the provision of a profitable underwriting service and the supervision of underwriting staff in the Business Unit.


  • Attend to the queries of our intermediaries about the unit’s non-traditional products including providing road show or product presentations.
  • Ensure that their subordinates will strictly comply with the goals, objectives and standard of the organization.
  • Review the policy terms and conditions of the policy if consistent with the quote, binding order, and signed reinsurance placements, if applicable.
  • Perform statistical review and analysis of major accounts and portfolio.
  • Provide the department head with the necessary reports such as monthly production.
  • Ensure that the turn-around-time is met from quotation up to issuance policies.
  • Assist the department head in formulating underwriting and marketing strategy to meet the target production.
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time.


  1. Graduate of any four (4) year course
  2. At least two (2) years experience in Underwriting
  3. Proficient in Data and Statistical review and analysis.
  4. Effective interpersonal skills.
  5. Has effective oral and written communication skills.
  6. Possesses analytical skills.
  7. Team player and work-oriented.
  8. Has good planning and leadership skills.
  9. Systematic, organized and flexible.

Financial Analyst


Responsible for the preparation of Bank Reconciliation to ensure the correctness of cash recorded in the books and also one of the audit requirement and computation of Agent’s & Brokers Incentives of Branches.



    Preparation of Bank Reconciliation of Head office & Branches

    Computation of Agents & Brokers Incentives of Branches


    Assist in preparation of audit schedules for Government Agencies


  1. Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. With relevant work experience preferred.
  2. Computer literate
  3. Good oral and written English communication skills.
  4. Team player and results-oriented
  5. Systematic, organized, keen to details
  6. Good in planning and prioritizing
  7. Flexible and willing to undergo cross training
  8. Highly adaptable and willing to extend work hours if needed
  9. Collaborative and able to find new and better ways of doing things
  10. Can work well with different types of people from any levels and background.



The position is responsible for the decision to accept or deny applications for insurance cover based on assessment of risk and exposure to hazards of accounts. The Underwriter must ensure that quotations are competitive to the customer yet profitable to the company.


  • Handles casualty and will be trained to underwrite financial lines
  • Assessing risk and prepare proposals to sales team/brokers/clients
  • Provides services to producers and clients with better quality than the competitors
  • Coordinate with sales and marketing teams if need arises
  • Handles inquiries, complaints, and requests of the producers and/or refers to department/team/ group head as appropriate
  • Consolidates reports, requirements, and/or documents needed by clients
  • Issue policies and endorsements for the department/group/branch clients
  • Encode or book issued policies in the CARE system
  • Perform other administrative and clerical works as required


  1. Bachelor’s degree holder of any course.
  2. Has at least 1-2 years of experience in non-life insurance specifically in underwriting (casualty and financial lines)
  3. Has good verbal and written English communication skills
  4. Flexible and willing to undergo cross training
  5. Possess analytical skills and business mindset
  6. Team player, customer-oriented, systematic, and organized