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FPG Insurance provides the protection your business needs,
against costly legal liability to a third party or for pure financial loss.

FPG Insurance Casualty Insurance products are designed to protect your business against liability to a
third party arising from business operations, theft, loss of money or securities, whilst at your
premises or during transit.

By providing your business with protection against financial loss due to fraud or dishonesty
committed by employees, your business risks can be comprehensively managed, with the wide range
of FPG Insurance Casualty Insurance products.

FPG Insurance Casualty Cover Products

FPG Insurance Casualty insurance products provide insurance protection against losses due to accident, including theft or burglary, loss of money and securities whilst in the insured premises or during transit, financial loss due to fraud or dishonesty committed by employees. We also provide insurance protection to golfers against liability to third party loss or damage to golfing equipment.

As part of a business risk management product line, these products are beyond what is offered as a Fidelity Guarantee or Money policy, as they provide comprehensive cover for:

  1. Employee Theft
  2. Premises
  3. Goods in Transit
  4. Depositor’s Forgery
  5. Computer Theft and Funds Transfer Fraud
  6. Investigative Costs
Providing protection for possible liability from legal action that may be filed against the insured from accidents that may occur in the course of carrying out business. This includes reimbursement of costs and expenses incurred in defense of a claim.
Providing protection for loss or damage to movable equipment against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause.
Providing protection against loss of money, securities and other negotiable instruments from any covered peril occurring within the premises.
Providing protection for loss or damage due to a specified peril to the insured property whist being transported by any acceptable conveyance specified in the policy schedule.
Providing protection for direct financial loss arising from dishonest or fraudulent acts by regular employees.